04. November 2023
Medifuture - your career starts here 🎯 The annual professional congress for medical students and young doctors - 04.11.2023

SGPP/SSPP Delegates Assembly of June 2022
10. June 2022
Our Board member Catalin Ivanov, our new co-president Filippo Toni and our Board member and SGPP/SSPP Board member (Ressort Nachwuchs) Fabian Kraxner represented us trainees 09.06.2022 on the SGPP/SSPP Delegates Assembly. It is important that we are seen and heard and have a voice.

Retraite 2022: New Co-Presidents and Board Members
28. May 2022
At the last General Assembly we voted two new co-presidents: Konstantin Léo Pavlopoulos (on the right, former vice-president, GAP) and Filippo Toni (in the middle, CAP) took over from Michael Wallies (on the left) on 22.05.2022. We thank Michael for his long-time commitment and hard work and wish him luck in his endeavours as soon to be president of the EFPT. Thank you for staying in the Board of the SVPA-ASMAP-ASAP and passing on your knowledge. We wish Léo and Filippo good luck for their...

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Schweizerische Vereinigung Psychiatrischer Assistenzärztinnen und Assistenzärzte SVPA

Association Suisse des Médecins Assistantes et assistants en Psychiatrie ASMAP

Associazione Svizzera degli Assistenti Psichiatri ASAP

Swiss Association of Psychiatric Trainees SAPT



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