Medifuture 2023

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The annual professional congress for medical students and young doctors - 04.11.2023

Our dedicated Board Members of SVPA-ASMAP-ASAP came from various regions of Switzerland to take part in the Medifuture congress 2023 held in Bern. During the event, they engaged with enthusiastic medical students, educating them about the diverse career prospects within the field of psychiatry and presenting a visual summary of key training program highlights on our flip chart.

The turnout was substantial, igniting numerous dialogues with the students concerning the role of psychiatry within the broader medical landscape.

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Schweizerische Vereinigung Psychiatrischer Assistenzärztinnen und Assistenzärzte SVPA

Association Suisse des MĂ©decins Assistantes et assistants en Psychiatrie ASMAP

Associazione Svizzera degli Assistenti Psichiatri ASAP

Swiss Association of Psychiatric Trainees SAPT



Postfach 3000 Bern