The SVPA-ASMAP-ASAP-SAPT is the Swiss association of psychiatric trainees and was founded in September 2009. Aims of the association are to improve psychiatric training in Switzerland, to create personal and professional networks and to represent trainee positions in relevant other organizations (such as the Swiss association of psychiatry and psychotherapy SGPP/SSPP). Collaboration is highly welcome!

The association SVPA-ASMAP-ASAP-SAPT

  • assists the next generation in psychiatry

  • is committed to improving the working and training conditions of physicians in continuing education to the title of psychiatry and psychotherapy

  • promotes national and international exchanges between physicians in continuing education as a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

  • promotes research in the field of psychiatry in areas relevant to physicians in continuing education as specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy

  • networks with other organizations in mental health care

  • is committed to improving the treatment of psychiatric patients

  • plays an important role in forming opinions on the improvement of the working conditions of doctors in postgraduate training in psychiatry and psychotherapy and represents this opinion within the Swiss Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SGPP) and other institutions



  • is actively advocates the interests of the trainees on workpolitical basis
  • organizes events for their members
  • creates a platform for networking for their members
  • answers questions concerning trainee-relevant themes
  • informs their members about interesting events



  • maintains relationships to psychiatric trainee organizations in other countries (esp. Germany and France)
  • sends Swiss Delegates to the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT)
  • answers international questions regarding themes that lie in the active area of the association

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The SVPA-ASMAP-ASAP-SAPT support psychiatric research in for the association important areas. Members of the Board of SVPA-ASMAP are are involved in a variety of research projects at local, national and international level.


Questions about the further training and the specialist examinations can only be answered reliable by the SGPP.

Nevertheless the Board of the SVPA-ASMAP-ASAP-SAPT will give you tips and tell you about their own experiences for planning your further training.

Should a question be very important for many we can also ask the SGPP `officially` and post the answer on this website.

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Schweizerische Vereinigung Psychiatrischer Assistenzärztinnen und Assistenzärzte SVPA

Association Suisse des Médecins Assistantes et assistants en Psychiatrie ASMAP

Associazione Svizzera degli Assistenti Psichiatri ASAP

Swiss Association of Psychiatric Trainees SAPT



Postfach 3000 Bern