Dear psychiatric trainees in Switzerland,


you are welcome to apply to join us for selected parts of the EFPT Forum 2023.

This offer is only for psychiatric trainees (Adult and Child & Adolescent) in Switzerland.

Please note: Food and drinks are excluded (Catering is only for the regular Forum participants).

Participation Fee: 50CHF

Application Deadline: June 10th

Where: USZ (University Hospital Zurich)

Language: English

SGPP/SSPP and SGKJPP/SSPEA give 12 credits.


Kind regards

Michael Wallies and the Local Organizing Committee


05. July 2023

09:00– 10:30 Opening Speeches  EFPT Past President 2013 Florian Riese

EFPT President 2023 Michael Wallies

SGPP/SSPP Fabian Kraxner

FMH Alexander Zimmer

Prof. em. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Paul Hoff

Coalition for Mental Health & Wellbeing in the European Parliament Maria Walsh and Katrin Langensiepen
10:30– 11:00 Break  
11:00– 12:00 Keynote speaker

Dr. Giovanni Tagliavini- Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue

12:00- 13:00 Keynote speaker Dr. Friedrich Stiefel- The new making of a psychiatrist
13:00– 14:00  Lunch break  
14:00– 15:30 Country Reports Hear how  psychiatry is organized in other countries
15:30– 16:00 Break  
16:00– 17:00 Country Reports  Part 2

06. July 2023

11:00– 11:30  Speaker Mirjam Tanner (ReMed) – What’s going on shrink?
11:30-12:00 Speaker Maja Perret Catipovic - Development and construction of resilience among psychotherapists
12:00- 13:00 Forum Workshops 

1) Christian Schirlo, Vanessa Kraege and Matias Jacomet - Physician mental health

2) Norman Sartorius- Ask the expert

13:00– 14:00  Lunch break  
14:00– 15:30 Poster Session  
15:30– 16:00 Break  
16:00– 18:00 WG Workshops to be announced


The application is closed. The accepted applicants will be contacted soon.

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Schweizerische Vereinigung Psychiatrischer Assistenzärztinnen und Assistenzärzte SVPA

Association Suisse des Médecins Assistantes et assistants en Psychiatrie ASMAP

Associazione Svizzera degli Assistenti Psichiatri ASAP

Swiss Association of Psychiatric Trainees SAPT



Postfach 3000 Bern