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Dear Colleagues


A European study is currently underway on the attitudes of psychiatrists towards their patients.


As the national study coordinator for Switzerland, it is a pleasure for me to win as many as possible to participate.


Here the information:


- It does not matter whether you are in training or finished, whether you work in child and adolescent psychiatry or adult psychiatry.


- The topic is important and we need as many participants as possible so that Switzerland, along with the other countries, can provide reliable data on this topic.


- Participation takes less than 6 minutes and is anonymous and confidential.


The link to the questionnaire in German is:


The link to the questionnaire in French is:


The link to the questionnaire in Italian is:


I am happy to answer any questions you may have at any time. Please also forward this survey to as many colleagues as possible. Together we will manage to become the country with the most comprehensive data in this survey.


Kind regards


Michael Wallies

11.12.2020 Michael will speak on a Webinar: more


Schweizerische Vereinigung psychiatrischer Assistenzärztinnen und Assistenzärzte SVPA

Association suisse des médecins assistantes et assistants en psychiatrie ASMAP

Associazione svizzera degli assistenti psichiatri ASAP

Swiss association of psychiatric trainees SAPT

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